Past Awards

The following students were awarded 2006 SASP Research/Travel Awards ranging from $150 to $600 each:

  • Chelsea Booth, graduate student in the Department of Anthropology, who will be conducting pre-dissertation research in Darjeeling on language and migration.

  • Rama Lohani Chase, graduate student in the Department of Women's and Gender Studies, whose research involves looking at the situation of changing gender dynamics due to displacement of people (especially Nepalis) inside and outside of local spaces in times of political and cultural crises. She is particularly interested in exploring how material conditions of production affect gender embodiment and gender dynamics.

  • Anil G. Jacob, graduate student in the Department of Political Science, who will conduct field research on the intersection of state-firm interactions in the area of information technology and e-governance issues in New Delhi

  • Ellorashree Maitra, doctoral candidate in literatures in English, who will conduct archival research in the India Office Records Collection of the British Library on the seventeenth-century travel journal kept by Sir Thomas Roe, James I's ambassador to the Mughal emperor of India, Jahangir.

  • Grishma Shah, graduate student in the Department of Global Studies, who will study the socio-cultural effects of globalization among young people in Bangalore, India

  • Sonja Thomas, graduate student in the Department of Women's Studies, who will present to the panel "Reading the "Exotic": South Asia and it's Others." She will also present her paper entitled "Consuming the Body in Pain: Feminist Understandings of Difference and the 2002 Gujarat Riots." at the University of Wisconsin South Asia Center annual conference in October 2007.