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'Stop The Play': Modern Indian Theater and its Stories of the Forbidden

Thursday, January 31, 2019, 04:30pm - 06:00pm


Keechak vadh

A talk by Dr. Ashutosh Potdar, Flame University, Pune, India

While discussing censorship of Indian plays such as Keechakavadh and Sakharam Binder, Professor Ashutosh Potdar will reflect on how controlling the expression of  drama and performance gets complicated through a journey from text to performance and back. As a contemporary Indian writer and scholar himself, Ashutosh Potdar will address issues regarding the perception of a written play and its engagement with the contemporary society, the history, politics and the role of print- performance-culture, and contemporary understanding of the act of forbidding. Some of the questions addressed in the talk: who stops a play and what specifically in it, the idea or content or certain language or its stage presentation? Is the whole play censored or only some part depending on its reception in contemporary culture and society? What is the role of state and non-state agencies? What is writer’s role in the overall culture of ‘stopping’?

Location: Scott Hall, Room 214, CAC