Past Events

Reclaiming Home: Resisting Exclusion in India Today
March 23, 5pm
Pane Room, Alexander Library, 169 College Ave
Reflecting on recent protests among prominent writers and the Indian Writers' Forum's broader opposition to censorship, Githa Hariharan reads from and speaks about her newest book, Almost Home.
What does a medieval city in South India have in common with Washington D.C.? How do people in Kashmir imagine the freedom they long for? Who does Delhi, city of grand monuments and hidden slums, actually belong to? Most of all, what makes a city, or any place, home?
In a series of intricately carved essays combining memoir with historical narrative, anecdote with poetry, Almost Home explores cities through the lives of people, and how they see home and belonging.

For more information click pdf here (677 KB) for the flyer.