Undergraduate Information

The faculty members associated with the new South Asian Studies Program (SASP) hope to create exciting educational, social, and cultural opportunities for Rutgers undergraduates. We have already put into place a new undergraduate minor in South Asian Studies, and we continue to encourage students to avail themselves of the Study Abroad Program in India.

Undergraduates should also be aware that each spring SASP runs a Research/Travel Awards competition. This is an excellent opportunity to apply for funding for independent research, especially research that will lead to an honors thesis.

There are also many active student organizations on campus related to South Asia or to Asia in general. Please consult our list of student organizations if you would like to get involved -- and also please let us know if you participate in an organization that is not listed on our website but should be.

Keep us informed of any ideas you have for strengthening SASP.  We look forward to working together with all of you!