A minor in South Asian Studies provides interdisciplinary training suitable for understanding the emerging region of South Asia in the 21st Century. Through a combination of survey courses and disciplinary specialization, students acquire expert knowledge on the history, culture, economy, literature, religion and politics of South Asia. The minor features outstanding disciplinary variety, allows students to tailor their studies according to interest. In the increasingly globalized world in which we live, a minor in South Asian Studies promises to enhance global understanding and increase job competitiveness by demonstrating area knowledge of this important world region.

Learning Goals

Minors will be able to demonstrate a strong grounding in the interdisciplinary study of South Asia and/or diasporic South Asian communities. Through coursework in at least three different disciplines, they will become familiar with the languages, cultures, religions, and histories of South Asia and the South Asian diaspora. 

Requirements for the minor

The interdisciplinary minor consists of a minimum of six courses (totaling at least 18 credits) from the following list of approved courses. One of these courses must be a South Asian survey course or equivalent. Not more than three of the six courses can come from any one discipline. Cross-listed courses can be counted only once, but may be considered as being in either of the departments in which they are listed. Courses taken as part of university-approved study abroad programs in South Asia may be included in the six, subject to the approval of a faculty adviser.

For further inquiries regarding these requirements, contact Prof. Johan Mathew, Director of the South Asian Studies Program.

Listing of South Asian Studies Faculty